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Question: What is MAC Address filtering and how can I prevent it from blocking my SmegConnect appliance connection?

Like all connected devices, your SmegConnect appliance has a unique number called MAC (Media Access Control) address, that uniquely identifies the device. This address is permanent and is assigned when the device is manufactured. An IP address also uniquely identifies a device on a given network, but is assigned by the Wi-Fi router and can change over time. MAC address filtering is normally disabled in the router's default settings, but it may be activated to restrict access to your Wi-Fi network only to a pre-defined list of MAC addresses, corresponding to those of your trusted devices. It is to be noted that MAC address filtering is however not a comprehensive security method, as your devices' MAC addresses can be copied and impersonated by a rogue device. To turn MAC address filtering on or off, or to add a device to the filter list, you need to access your Wi-Fi router configuration settings. For instructions on how to access your wireless router configuration settings, refer to your router documentation or to your Internet Service Provider.