Bean to cup coffee machine


Coffee is a sensory experience that can no longer be enjoyed only at the bar: taste fresh and aromatic coffee made from the comfort of your home with Smeg’s new range of automatic bean to cup coffee machines. 

ENJOY the elegance of essential design

Its compact beauty is a true pleasure for your eyes.

The gaze is captured by soft and essential lines, by shiny profiles in contrast with the brushed aluminum front panel. Available in 4 colours, the new design and colour options will fit seamlessly into any kitchen.

TOUCH the simplicity of technology

A joyful coffee experience with just one touch beverages selection.

Fill the container with your favourite coffee beans and select your beverage of choice from the intuitive one touch menu. Within a few seconds your coffee will be ready. 

TASTE the essence of a great coffee

From freshly ground beans to a wonderful aroma.

From freshly ground beans you can obtain different beverages according to your taste: black coffee, Espresso, Americano, Ristretto coffee, cappuccinos and latte macchiato. The direct grinding of the coffee also allows you to avoid the use of capsules, minimizing waste.

A must have for every kitchen

Awaken your senses with freshly ground coffee from Smeg automatic bean to cup machines! The BCC01 and BCC02 not only make fantastic coffee but boasts lasting technology, housed within Smeg’s beautiful signature 50s Style design.


SMEG Bean to Cup is available in two models to best adapt to your favourite coffee experience.

BCC01 is perfect for those that enjoy black coffee, making Espresso, Americano or Ristretto coffee. BCC02 machine features a milk frothing/ steaming function, perfect for lattes, cappuccinos, latte macchiato, and flat whites as well as espresso, americano or ristretto coffee. 

Thanks to the adjustable cup holder, you can enjoy your coffee from your favorite cup.

Taupe BCC02 Bean to cup coffee machines
White BCC01 Bean to cup coffee machines
Black BCC01 Bean to cup coffee machines
Red BBC02 Bean to cup coffee machines
White BCC02 Bean to cup coffee machines
Taupe BCC02  Bean to cup coffee machines