Smeg | Instant Hot Boiling Water Tap | MAP100CR

Instant Boiling Water Hot Tap

Kettles are often the go-to source of boiling hot water in the kitchen, however there is an alternative.

Our MAP100CR solution provides Instant boiling water at 98°C plus standard hot and cold water supply, all in one neat and convenient tap. Boiling water is available in the tank instantly - just release the safety mechanism and use the left hand tap lever as usual to release the water at 98°C straight into the vessel of your choice. A safety system ensures that boiling water is not released by mistake and the neck is insulated. The right hand lever works the same as a standard single lever tap for normal hot and cold water supplies as required.

If you are tight on space then the MAP100CR can replace your kettle, delivering instant hot drinks and freeing up valuable worksurface space in the kitchen. Alternatively speed up your cooking time by using the instant hot water in your pans or sterilise bottles and dummies in a flash when time is of the essence. The MAP100CR does not connect to a pressurised water system meaning that installation is quick and simple. The 3 litre water tank fits neatly into your cupboard beneath the sink, completely out of sight. This tap is also extremely energy efficient, because you only use exactly what you need, unlike boiling a kettle where so much excess water is often wasted! 

For total convenience and flexibly, saving time, money and energy, the MAP100CR is the only tap you will ever need and will revolutionise the way your kitchen works forever.


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