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Product Family
4 Doors
Free Standing
Pastel blue
Cooling type
Total No Frost - Triple Cooling system
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With its nostalgic curvy look, Victoria offers a unique retro- inspired aesthetic for adding real character to your kitchen.

Smeg's Victoria refrigeration is available in a choice of three colourways; cream, black and pastel blue.


The FQ960 4-door model is truly versatile, with its spacious and well featured refrigeration compartment at the top and the option of two freezer sections below, or an extra refrigeration space at the lower right if less freezer space is needed. The freezer also includes a manual ice making facility,


The freezer compartment features 3 drawers including a fast freezing compartment and has a No frost system, so manual defrosting is not needed, the refrigerator will do it for you.


This interchangeable compartment can be used as either a refrigerator, freezer or 0° compartment. Offering superb flexibility depending on your requirements, such as extra fridge space at christmas.


The manual ice maker in the freezer compartment ensures you have enough ice for entertaining in style.


A controlled temperature zone (-2°C +3°C) designed for a better and longer preservation of perishable food such as fish, cheese and meat.


Smeg's Active Ion system neutralises bacteria and other impurities responsible for unpleasant food odour keeping your fridge in top condition.


The automatic defrost system works by automatically defrosting at regular intervals eliminating the need to defrost altogether.
Product Family: Refrigerator
Installation: Free Standing
Category: 4 Doors
Cooling type: Total No Frost - Triple Cooling system
No-Frost system: Total
Defrost: Automatic
EAN code: 8017709220280


Colour: Pastel blue
Aesthetics: Victoria
Design: Flat
Material: Metal sheet
Handle: External
Handle colour: Chrome
Side material: Steel
Side colour: Pastel blue
Display: 7 segments

Refrigerator compartment features

Life Plus 0°C: The temperature in the Lifeplus compartments is kept at 0°C, which preserves fresh meat and fish longer. LED interior lighting: is a more energy efficient and long lasting way of illuminating the interior of the appliance.
No. of adjustable shelves: 2
Number of fruit and vegetables drawers: 2
Type of crisper/vegetable drawers cover: Standard
Type of adjustable shelves: Glass
Crisper Cover: Yes
Bottle shelf: Yes
Type of crisper/vegetable drawers cover: Glass
Life Plus zone-0°C: Yes
Internal light in fridge: Yes
Type of internal light (fridge): LED

Refrigerator Inner Door

No. of door shelves with transparent cover: 2
Number of adjustable door shelves: 2
No. of bottle shelves: 2
Bottle shelves with wire support: Yes

Other Refrigerator features

Ventilated: Forced distribution of cold air in the refrigerator compartment, which allows even temperature distribution within the fridge. Smeg Active Ion system neutralizes bacteria, mold spores and all impurities responsible for unpleasant odours and food spoilage. Thanks to the generation of ions released inside the refrigerator, a natural air purification process is activated, allowing even longer lasting food storage. Natural Plus Blu Light: This unique Natural Plus Blu Light system works with nature to increase the storage time of fruit and vegetables. Air plus: keeps food fresher for longer.
Accessories: 2 sliders, Egg tray
Natural Plus Blu Light: Yes
MultiFlow: Yes
Fan: Yes
Ionizer: Yes

Freezer compartment features

Number of drawers: 5
No. of shelves: 1
Type of shelves: Plastic

Other Freezer features

Fast freezing: The fast freezing function brings the temperature of the compartment down when activated a few hours prior to usage.
Manual ice maker: Yes
Fast freezing compartment: Yes

Other technical features

Power saving mode: The power saving mode allows you to disable the refrigerator and keep the freezer working. Multizone: Multizone compartment can be used as a refrigerator or a freezer compartment. Depending on your needs and eating habbits, you can select settings, program the temperature using. Economical mode: Analyzes fridge functioning during the activation and optimizes the operating cycle in order to reduce power consumption.
MultiZone: Yes
Fast freezing button: Yes
Temperature alarm lamp: Yes
Door open alarm: Yes
Temperature Alarm: Yes
Type of temperature control: Electronic
No. of compressors: 1
Type of compressor: Standard
Functions display: Holiday, Ionizer, MultiZone, ECO

Performance / Energy Label

???Energy_Label_Ap-Right-LightGreen_72dpi??? 4 stars freezing compartment for better food preservation.
Category of the household refrigerating appliance model: Refrigerator - freezer
Energy efficiency class: A+
Annual energy consumption: 459 KWh/year
Total gross volume: 594 l
Fresh Food compartment - Storage Volume: 357 l
Gross volume fresh food compartment: 396 l
Chiller compartment net volume: 27 l
Storage volume frozen food compartment: 157 l
Total storage volume: 541 l
Gross volume frozen food compartment: 198 l
4 Star compartment - Star rating: 4
Thaw time: 15 h
Freezing capacity: 13 Kg/24h
Climatic class: SN, N, ST, T
Noise level: 46 dB(A) re 1pW

Performance / Energy Label NEW

Climatic class: SN, N, ST, T

Electrical Connection

Nominal power: 190 W
Voltage (V): 220-240 V
Frequency (Hz): 50 Hz
Power supply cable length: 190 cm

Logistic Information

Dimensions: 1870x920x725 mm
Width (mm): 920 mm
Product width with maximum doors opening: 1435 mm
Product Height with feet: 1870 mm
Depth without handle: 725 mm
Product depth with handle: 725 mm
Product depth with doors open at 90°: 1085 mm
Net weight (kg): 94.300 kg

Technical drawing

product information sheet

Technical sheet