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Smeg washing machines, washer-dryers and dryers: your needs are our priority

Attention to detail, user-friendliness and optimum performance: these are the standout features of Smeg washing machines and washer-dryers. The extensive washing machine collection covers all of your requirements and varies in terms of load capacity, size and performance.  As well as standard machines, the Smeg laundry range includes machines with a load capacity of 11kg, or slimline 45cm or top-loading machines for those with only limited space available.

All models feature washing programmes to suit every requirement, both in terms of times and fabric care. For instance, the Quick wash programme for freshening up smaller loads in ultra-quick time, the Night programme for taking advantage of lower energy tariffs overnight or the Shirts cycle for minimising the chance of creasing. From a safety perspective, these products again offer an unparalleled level of performance thanks to technological and design innovations which give you the utmost peace of mind. One such example is the Aquastop system, which detects leaks in the hose and switches off the water supply immediately, preventing flooding. As well as washing machines, Smeg has developed washer-dryers for people unable to hang out their clothes or who want to reduce drying times. The former have a load capacity of 7kg for washing and 4kg for drying, whereas the latter have a load capacity of 7-8kg.

  • LBB14CR-2

    Washing Machine, 50's style, Free-standing, 7kg, Cream, A++

  • LBB14PB-2

    Washing Machine, 50's style, Free-standing, 7kg, Pastel blue, A++

  • LBB14PK-2

    Washing Machine, 50's style, Free-standing, 7kg, Pink, A++

  • LBB14WH-2

    Washing Machine, 50's style, Free-standing, 7kg, White, A++

  • WHT1114LSIN

    Washing Machine, Free-standing, 11kg, White, A+++

  • WHT914LSIN

    Washing Machine, Free-standing, 9kg, White, A+++

  • WHT814EIN

    Washing Machine, Free-standing, 8kg, White, A+++

  • WHT712EIN

    Washing Machine, Free-standing, 7kg, White, A+++

  • LSE147

    Washer dryer, 7kg, White, B

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