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The Cortina aesthetic made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS is the result of the skills of a masterblacksmith and exclusive design appliances. A shared passion for elegance and sophistication combines Smeg, a company internationally recognized for appliances that over time have become true style icons, and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, designers’ first choice since 1895, theyear the company was founded in Austria.

Cortina aesthetic products are precious objects for those seeking luxury and exclusivity andt hey have now become true jewels thanks to the light and reflections created by the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS embedded in the control knobs.

The colour of the crystals –“GoldenShadow”, a nuance specifically chosen for its rich ivory tone with a warm and golden glowperfectlycombines with the Cortina design.

Applied one-by-one the crystals are inserted byhand via a laborious craftsmanship that protects the preciousness of the gems and guarantees,at the same time, their resistance and durability.
The crystals follow the circumference of the control knobs, and are joined by one large central crystal, on which the Smeg logo has beenengraved.

The controls, illuminated by the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, are provided as standardon the SF750POL Cortina ovens and are also available on other appliances in the line such asgas, electric, induction and ceramic hobs, as well as coffee machines.

Everything with which to bring the kitchen space alive, and unite it - a perfect combination of elegant form and the magic of crystals.

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