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OVENS SFP140 - SF130


Introducing the new Smeg Linea ovens that take cooking and design to another level via extreme intuition, functionality and navigation; products built to exceed all expectations.


The new Linea SF130 and SFP140 60cm ovens are for all cooks, whether less-experienced or veritable aficionados of creating new dishes. They’ve been produced to make cooking a pleasure for years to come thanks to easy guide displays and interactive menus. The SF130 range uses LCD display and Linea knobs on its control panel while the SF140 range sports new colour TFT (Thin Film Transistor) technology in touch screen only.

Both oven types have 72L net oven cavity (that's 20% larger than traditional models), options of pyrolytic or Vapor Clean and introduce the latest 50 SmartSense automatic cooking programs that understand food type, weight and cooking preferences. Personal Settings are also indispensable with 10 options to program favourite recipes with the greatest of ease. All it requires are parameters to be set in advance and then the oven does the work for you.

In addition to traditional oven functions such as defrosting, warming and proving, the ovens feature brand new technologies in their 16 Special Functions (18 Special Functions for the pyrolytic ovens). At one’s disposition are low-temperature options, perfect for lovers of slow-food cooking, as well as options for defrosting, rotisserie, warming plates and a delayed cooking timer. Thanks to the new user-friendly displays with large easy-to-read graphics each oven’s navigation is taken to a whole new level making cooking not a necessity but a true pleasure.

The SF130 ovens, are available in either black or white or stainless steel and Stopsol Supersilver glass, with the distinctive illuminated transparent knobs of the Linea range providing ergonomic and logical use.

This range also offers convenient Vapor Clean or pyrolytic cooking functions with Cool Door technology to maintain a surface that is forever safe to touch and ideal for those with young children at home.

The SFP140 range, finished in stainless steel and Stopsol Supersilver glass versions, has an ingenious colour touch-screen display to logically show the vast program, function and cooking options available. With five oven cooking levels the SF140 range enables different dishes to be cooked simultaneously, saving time and energy, without creating flavour transference thanks to Smeg’s advanced technologies. The oven features a Pyrolytic Cleaning function, if preferred, which guarantees excellent automatic cleaning further enhanced by the Ever Clean enamel. Smeg’s long-standing enamelling expertise has created the highest quality internal ovens cavity systems in the world.

Designed to guarantee 20 per cent lower consumption than Class A appliances in Europe, the new ovens that have joined the Smeg Linea stable seamlessly marry the utmost in user comfort, cutting-edge performance and contemporary look – ovens made for people who will not settle for anything less than super-intuitive functionality and meticulous design.

Available in the range: SF130, SFP130, SF140, SFP140.

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