Product Family
Welded sink
Building in type
Flush fitted, Flat
No. of bowls
1 + 3/4
Stainless steel
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Product Family: Sink
Type: Welded sink
Sink material: Stainless steel
Sink dimensions: 61 cm
No. of bowls: 1 + 3/4
EAN code: 8017709210366


Color: Stainless steel
Finishing: Brushed
Aesthetics: Universale
Serie: Mira
Type of steel: AISI304
Tap hole / precut tap hole: 2 Tapholes
Half bowl cup drainer: Yes
Building in type
  • Flush-fitted installation: Models of sinks/hobs which are integrated flush with the tabletop of a kitchen unit. Flush fitted
  • Flat: Installation of productwith flat edge. Flat

Technical Features

Width (mm): 616 mm
Frame thickness: 1 mm
Height from kitchen top: 1 mm
Cutout radius: 5 mm
Cutout dimension topmount (mm): 580 X 450 mm
Tap hole: 2
Tap hole diameter: 35 mm
Popup command: Yes, single
Dividing wall width: 30 mm
Popup command type: Squared
No. of clips: 12
Gasket type: Sealing paste
Type of clips: Standard
Base unit size
  • Cupboard width required for sink installation 80 cm

RH Bowl

Sink depth - depending on the model, the depth can be from13 to 24,5
Bowl type RH: Minimum radius
Bowl dimensions, WxDxH (mm): 180 x 340 x 156 mm
Bowl thickness (mm): 1 mm
Bowl depth (mm): 156 mm
Radius corner right bowl (mm): 15 mm
Overflow: Yes, flush fitted
Strainer position: Wall position
Strainer dimension: 3.5"

LH Bowl

Sink depth - depending on the model, the depth can be from13 to 24,5
Bowl type LH: Minimum radius
Bowl dimensions LH, WxDxA (mm): 340 x 400 x 200 mm
Bowl thickness LH (mm): 1 mm
LH Bowl depth (mm): 200 mm
Radius corner left bowl: 15 mm
Overflow LH bowl: Yes, flush fitted
Strainer position LH bowl: Wall position
Strainer dimension LH bowl: 3.5"

Logistic Information

Dimensions of the product (mm): 200x616x472 mm

Technical drawing

Technical sheet