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  • Coffee milkshake | Smeg COM

    Coffee milkshake

    Pour the ice cream into the blender. Pour the milk and room-temperature coffee in through the purpose-designed hole in the lid. Add the sugar and blend using the standard function at speed setting 2 for 15 seconds. Pour the milkshake into glasses. Decorate with a wisp of whipped cream, coffee beans more...

  • Detox smoothie | Smeg COM

    Detox smoothie

    Peel and de-pith the pink grapefruit and cut into segments.Wash the apples, core them and slice them. Peel the kiwis and cut into chunks. Introduce the pink grapefruit into the blender, followed by the apples. Blend at speed setting 4 for 40/45 seconds. Add the kiwi chunks and the honey through the more...

  • Green Smoothie | Smeg COM

    Green Smoothie

    Put all of the ingredients in the Smeg blender and press the smoothie button and blend until smooth. Pour the smoothie into a glass and drink immediately or cover with plastic wrap and store it in the fridge for later. Consume within 1-2 days.  more...

  • Lemon sorbet | Smeg COM

    Lemon sorbet

    Grate the lemon rind and sprinkle into the ice cube tray, add water and put in the freezer. Peel and de-pith the lemons, chop into pieces and remove the seeds. Introduce the lemons, sugar and some ice cubes containing the grated rind into the blender. Add the egg whites, then blend using the Ice more...


    Mimosa Cocktail

    Juice the oranges with the Smeg juicer. Fill four champagne flutes 1/2 full with chilled dry sparkling wine. Fill the remainder of the glass with the freshly squeezed chilled orange juice. Now it’s time for a toast. Happy Mother’s Day! more...