Hood Dolce Stil Novo KSDD90VN-2

Product family
Hood Type
Dolce Stil Novo
Hood width
90 cm
Energy efficicency class ( EEC)
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Intensitive function
The intensive function allows to operate the hood at maximum power, to speed up the elimination of the most persistent odors and to have a purified environment.
Peripheral extraction
The extraction of the hood is concentrated on the peripheral area, so as to allow a bigger extraction surface and offer a better level of silence, limiting the vibrations of the filters.


Perimeter extraction panels: very efficient and aid noise reduction.
Product family: Hood
Hood Type: DownDraft
Hood width: 90 cm
Extraction: Extraction
Electronic control: Yes
Perimeter extraction: Yes
EAN code: 8017709239336


Colour: Black
Finishing: Glass
Aesthetic: Dolce Stil Novo
Design: Fully integrated
Material: Stainless Steel + Glass
Type of steel: Brushed
Glass Type: Black

Programs / Functions

Intensive/turbo setting: when extra fast extraction is required. Switch off automatically: A special setting, to run after the end of cooking for a pre-set time and then switch off automatically.
No. of speeds: 3
Intensive speed: Yes
Time-setting options: Automatic switch-off


Control setting: Remote Control

Technical Features

Filters: Model has filters to help remove grease from the steam emanating from the pans during cooking. Lights: All cooker hoods feature lights to illuminate the cooking area or add to the ambience of the kitchen.
Remote motor: Included
No. of lights: 1
Light type: LED
Light Power: 6 W
Light color temperature scale (°K): 4000 °K
Free outlet maximum capacity: 800 m³/h
Motor power: 285 W
No. of filters: 2
Anti-grease filters: stainless steel 7 layer
Vent outlet: 150 mm
Non return valve: Yes

Performance / Energy Label

A: Product drying performance, measured from A+++ to D / G depending on the product family
Energy efficicency class ( EEC): A
Fluid Dynamic Efficiency class (FDEC): A
Grease Filtering Efficiency Class (GFEC): G
Lighting Efficiency Class (LEC): D
Annual Efficiency Consumption (AEChood): 60 kWh/a
Fluid Dynamic Efficiency (FDE): 29.5
Lighting Efficiency (LE): 15.0 lux/W
Grease Filtering Efficiency (GFE): 38.9 %
Air flow at minumum speed (Qmin): 213 m³/h
Air flow at maximum speed (Qmax): 448 m³/h
Air flow at boost speed (Qboost): 724 m³/h
Airbourne acouistical A-weighted sound Power Emission at minimum speed (SPEmin): 40 dB(A)
Airborne acoustical A-weighted sound Power Emission at maximum speed (SPEmax): 57 dB(A)
Airbourne acoustical A-weighted sound power emission at boost speed (SPEboost): 65 dB(A)
Time increase factor (F): 1.00
Energy Efficiency Index: 53.1
Measured air flow rate at best efficiency point (Qbep): 349 m³/h
Measured air pressure at best efficiency point (Pbep): 464 Pa
Measured electric power input at best efficiency point (Wbep): 147 W
Nominal Power consumption of the light system (WL): 6 W
Average illumination of the light on the cooking surface (Emiddle): 253 lux
Sound power level at highest setting (Lwa): 57 dB(A)

Electrical Connection

Electrical connection rating: 292 W
Voltage: 220-240 V
Frequency (Hz): 50-60 Hz
Power supply cable length: 1000 mm

Speed 1

Extraction rate IEC 61591: 230 m³/h
Noise level IEC 60704-2-13: 42 dB(A)
Power: 80 W

Speed 2

Extraction rate IEC 61591: 322 m³/h
Noise level IEC 60704-2-13: 50 dB(A)
Power: 141 W

Speed 3

Extraction rate IEC 61591: 500 m³/h
Noise level IEC 60704-2-13: 59 dB(A)
Power: 203 W

Intensive speed

Extraction rate (IEC 61591): 730 m³/h
Noise level IEC 60704-2-13: 66 dB(A)
Power: 273 W

Logistic Information

Dimensions of the product (mm): 780x900x120
Width: 900 mm
Depth (mm): 120 mm
Product Height (mm): 780 mm
Net weight (kg): 60.000 kg
Gross weight (kg): 90.500 kg
Packed width: 1030 mm
Packaged depth: 1030 mm
Height (mm) packed: 700 mm
Dimensions of the packed product (mm): 700X1030X1030
Maximum stackability: 1
Type of packaging: Cardboard
Packaging composition - paper & cardboard (kg): 1.120 kg
Packaging composition - polystyrene (kg): 0.200 kg
Packaging composition - wood (kg): 29.000 kg
Packaging composition - plastic (kg): 0.080 kg

Accessories Included

Motorised opening: Yes
Remote control: Yes

Instruction manual

Energy Label

Product sheet

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