From Design to Eco-Design
To become increasingly sustainable, using green materials is not enough. The increasingly environmentally aware consumer expects companies to do everything possible to ensure that the impact of the products they distribute is as small as possible. This requires that the design approach not only of the appliance but also of the packaging becomes eco-design. How? By designing, for example, smart packaging with reduced dimensions that ensure the correct protection of the product and at the same time eliminate any superfluous layer. SMEG's commitment to materials and packaging is developed on the large and small appliance front through a constant search for the best partners.


Right from the development stage, Smeg products are designed to meet the most stringent environmental requirements, for example by favouring the use of materials such as steel or glass, which are easier to dispose of.

Adopting the principles of eco design means progressively extending the life of the appliance and simplifying its maintenance. Increasingly important is therefore the use of modular elements such as removable glass in ovens or the replacement of glue with screws.

Galileo ovens

The Galileo line of ovens represents a major achievement that brings Smeg closer to achieving its sustainability targets for production.

The new generation ovens allow:

  • An energy saving of up to 25% compared to traditional cooking
  • The use of one product instead of three: thanks to the combination of traditional, steam and microwave cooking in a single oven, reducing the number of products to be disposed of at the end of their life cycle.
  • Making more efficient use of the oven. In fact, cooking several dishes at the same time reduces energy consumption by up to 50%.
sustainability goals


During 2021, Smeg obtained ISCC certification for the use of Tritan™ Renew, a recycled copolyester material, which the Group will use for a gradual replacement of certain plastic components in SDAs.
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Starting from 2022, Small Domestic Appliances division has started a renewal process of materials packing and new products packaging. In a first step the main goal is to eliminate,where it's possible, plastic elements (ex. plastic bags, polyester shells etc.) inside the packaging, mantaining unchanged the capacity of product protection during transport steps. In a second step another action will be the use of FSC mix paper for what concern the print of instruction manual,certificate of guarantee and  product packaging.