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Furniture and technology combined to create new models which epitomise the Smeg vision: technology with style.



Introducing Smeg’s new range of washing machines and tumble driers: large loads, design details and expert performance.

Powerful, delicate and flexible; these are the words that come to mind when describing the next-generation range of washing appliances from Smeg. The range contains ten washing machines and five tumble driers which make the most of recent technological innovations using beautiful style and design. Furniture and technology combine harmoniously to create new models which epitomise the Smeg vision: technology with style.

This range of washing machines and tumble driers abandon the “all white” look typical of such appliances, and experiment with matching front panels and large 34 cm silver and chrome doors. The displays have been refined and enable the user to programme the appliances though touch control LCD or LED displays, which are now more intuitive and no longer mechanical. Our new washers and driers get down to business in an elegant and efficient manner, offering huge capacities of up to 11 kg while reaching remarkable energy efficiency ratings of class A+++ without sacrificing performance. This means energy savings of between 10% and 50%. Behind these savings is the technology developed around our innovative Inverter-drive motors, which are directly connected to the basket and therefore, exceptionally quiet, as well as high performance. Direct motion technology, an electronic control inside the motor, ensures maximum performance at any basket spin speed, treating fibres gently to guarantee a long life for garments. This technology is so reliable that it is covered by a warranty of up to 10 years.

The wide product range has all the standard functions expected from a premium appliance, however also offers small but important variations, which provide valuable time savings. These include, the steam option  which refreshes fabrics and destroys allergens more effectively than water; the anti-crease function which is activated at all wash phasesto prevent creases and therefore make ironing easier; the Woolmark programs, which are approved by The Woolmark Company ®, and designed for washing and drying woollen garments labelled as suitable for hand or machine washing; and finally, the 20° wash cycle with direct motion function which provides the same results as a 40° cycle, while preserving bright colours and protecting fabrics over time.

These new features are on top of many exiting features which are already widely appreciated by Smeg customers. For example, the appliances redistribute the load inside the basket in the event that an imbalance causing vibrations is detected. They also reduce water use by varying the required load by type and quantity of laundry loaded. Finally, they can be programmed for a delayed start of up to 24 hours and also feature a control lock, a valid safety feature, particularly where there are children present.

Both the washing machine and tumble dryer can be placed neatly side by side or even one on top of the other, encouraging the users to think in pairs and use the machines to complement each other.Together these new appliances combine design and cutting-edge technology, to meet all washing needs.