Smeg cooktops combine quality materials with cutting-edge technology. Available in different shapes, sizes and cooking methods to best match the needs of your kitchen.

Surface Share

Smeg’s Surface Share technology allows zones to be combined and operated with a single control. They are the largest available and square in shape, ensuring that every part of the zone to the edge is usable, without any cold spots.

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Blade flame cooktops

With Smeg’s hallmark innovation and design, the ingenious Blade Flame gas cooktop features world-first technology to create a revolutionary design in terms of aesthetics and efficiency. 

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Domino hobs

Smeg Domino hobs can offer maximum flexibility when cooking a wide variety of dishes. 

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Blade Flame burners

Burners with laminar vertical flame are designed to maximise the efficiency of heat distribution on the bottom of the dishes.

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With Hobd, design knows no limits: induction cooking is combined with extraction power in an appliance which boasts an elegant, minimalist design, with attention paid to even the smallest details for maximum practicality and efficiency.

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