The best food-preparation technology features cutting-edge design.

The best food-preparation technology features cutting-edge design: Smegs new induction hobs with intuitive sliding controls are the perfect choice for those who love contemporary style, where the hob is the perfect continuation of the worktop.

Their elegant lines integrate perfectly in every kitchen worktop, and their wide range of functions allows even those less experienced in the kitchen to obtain professional results. The intuitive sliders used to control the induction hobs feature elegant grey screen printing and make use of the hob more versatile.

Maximum flexibility is also guaranteed by 14 different cooking levels, allowing you to cook with greater precision, as well as offering accurate temperature control: whether cooking rice, vegetables, meat or fish, all ingredients will be cooked to perfection. All zones feature a power booster function, allowing each zone to work at full power for dishes requiring intense cooking, such as frying, or simply to bring water to the boil in the shortest possible time.
Smeg’s induction hobs with intuitive sliding controls also feature the Flexi4Zone system, which divides the hob into four areas which can be adjusted as required: this function allows you to use multiple pans of various dimensions (minimum diameter 10 cm) at the same time, while the Flexi-Heat function allows you to move pans between three preset temperature zones, to quickly heat, cook or keep foodstuffs warm. Another feature available on some hobs is Perfect-Heat, which keeps the pan heat constant during cooking, without the need to manually adjust the power level. Three indispensable functions to allow you to achieve the results of a professional chef in your very own kitchen; ideal for family meals or dinner parties, allowing you to prepare different recipes at the same time and satisfy everyone’s tastes, serving every dish at the ideal temperature.

Smeg is also focused on achieving maximum efficiency in terms of power consumption, guaranteeing optimum hob performance while saving time and power thanks to the Eco-logic option, which limits the power draw to 10 preset values from 1.5 kW to 7.2 kW, and Eco-Off, whereby the zone shuts down before the timer sounds, making use of the residual heat. What’s more the timer is independent for each zone and is able to operate both as a progressive counter and as a countdown timer to meet different cooking requirements.

The Eco-Heat function also allows you to select one of three residual heat indicators in order to continue cooking foods or keep them hot. The device warns when the zone is still hot after being switched off, preventing burns and guaranteeing safety.

The extensive range of functions of Smeg’s induction hobs with intuitive sliding controls is rounded off by the Auto-Vent system, which allows you to automatically regulate the hood extraction speed (with 6 preset programs) depending on the temperature and power level selected on the hob, without the need to manually adjust it.

The technology of Smegs new induction hobs with sliding controls makes cooking easier, more pleasurable and more intuitive.


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