Terms and conditions

Your new product is warrantied against manufacturer defects within the warranty validity period as stipulated below:





24 Months

Labour, Parts & Transport


1st 24 Months
Subsequent 36 Months Parts only

(Applicable to selected laundry models only*)

120 Months

Motor only


(Mixers, Blenders, Kettles, Toasters, Expresso Machine, etc)

12 Months

Labour & Parts

(To be brought to Service Center for servicing)


  1. This warranty only covers products purchased from Smeg Brunei and Smeg Brunei’s authorized retailers in Singapore.
  2. Original proof of purchase issued by Smeg Brunei and Smeg Brunei’s authorized dealer is required at the point of service request.
  3. Small domestic appliances must be brought to our Service Center for inspection/repair.
  4. Maximum warranty coverage for display or showroom sets is 12 months from the date of purchase for MDA (Major Domestic Appliances) and 6 months from the date of purchase for SDA (Small Domestic Appliances) from Smeg Brunei or Smeg Brunei’s authorized retailer in Brunei.
  5. Any alteration or extension of the terms to this warranty by any party other than Smeg Brunei will render the extended warranty period invalid.
  6. Smeg Brunei reserves the right to charge a reasonable cost arising from the service request.
  7. Smeg Brunei reserves the right to reject or decline to provide service for products that are out of warranty, or where the product is obsolete and no longer serviceable or replaceable for any reason.
  8. Any replaced product or parts shall become the absolute property of Smeg Brunei and must be returned to Smeg Brunei.
  9. The warranty does not cover any consequential losses and damages caused directly or indirectly by the products and Smeg Brunei’s liability under this warranty is limited to repairing and/or replacement of defective products only.
  10. Smeg Brunei reserves the right to impose additional charges or may refuse to attend to any products installed in locations that are inaccessible and/or hazardous to its service agents.


  1. Product serial number has been removed, erased or found to have been defaced, altered or tampered with.
  2. Products found to have been misused or with installation not in accordance to the Owner's Manual provided and required product specification.
  3. Unauthorized tampering and modification of the product.
  4. Normal wear and tear, corrosion, rust or stains.
  5. Loss, damage or compensation on any content or perishable product stored in any appliances found inoperative for any reason.
  6. Incorrect AC power supply or owner's in-house faulty circuit breaker board.
  7. Inappropriate use of domestic appliances in a commercial environment such as laundry shop, hotel/hostel, health centre, restaurant & others.
  8. Damages, scratches, dents or missing parts found after delivery. It is the owner's responsibility to check thoroughly for product defects before accepting delivered goods.
  9. Water filters, plastic containers, drawers, shelves, hoses, trays and accessories.
  10. Damages caused by accident, fire, flood or natural disaster.
  11. Periodic general cleaning, servicing and maintenance of the product.