What lies at the heart of a healthy lifestyle?
We all know the answer: food. But simply paying attention to the quality of the products we buy is not enough. The methods of preservation and cooking we use are equally important, as mistakes and distractions can compromise not only the flavour of our dishes, but also the nutritional benefits that these bring.

Fortunately, technology can assist us in this matter. Specifically, the technology represented by three latest-generation Smeg appliances, designed to deliver well-being to your table: The blast chiller, the vacuum drawer and the combined steam oven.

These advanced solutions provide a response to common problems: how can I store food whilst ensuring it does not lose the properties it had when fresh? What is the best cooking method for light, tasty and nutritious dishes? Smeg took these daily needs as a starting point for the design of the Vitality System.

For example, with the Smeg blast chiller, you can freeze seasonal summer fruits and then use them in your children’s favourite snacks, even in winter. With the vacuum drawer, meanwhile, you can keep delicious fresh fish for longer periods, saving it for a special occasion without losing its authentic taste.

And for the first course? The combined steam oven can be used to cook delectable salmon with vacuum-cooked rice, a dish with a delightful natural flavour and no added fat. All this while preserving 100% of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in the raw ingredients.

Today, having a busy life without enough time for shopping and cooking is no longer an obstacle for those who want to stay in perfect shape. Thanks to Smeg's Vitality System, you can embrace the philosophy of well-being that has always been in Italy’s DNA, and which - even in today’s busy world - we must place at the centre of our habits.