The flavours, aromas and nutritional value of any food, solid or liquid, cooked or raw, are all intact thanks the Vacuum Drawer.

For a long time, professional catering has been exploiting the many benefits of conserving and cooking food under vacuum. Now Smeg is bringing all the potential of this technique to your home, so that you can cook healthy and delicious food, with less waste and saving time.
By totally removing all of the air from the container bag, the vacuum protects food from dust and bacteria, while also blocking oxidation, which means that the flavours, aromas and nutritional value of any food, solid or liquid, cooked or raw, are all intact. This is a practical way of preparing healthy dishes that tastes as good as if made from fresh ingredients.


Vacuum sealed food lasts on average 3 times longer both at room temperature and in the fridge; if also frozen, all bacterial are eliminated and it can be kept for months and retain all flavours and consistency, as if just prepared.
As well as its uses in conservation, vacuum sealing has met with considerable success in the high-end catering and restaurant sector, as food can be cooked at a low temperature, retaining the aromas, juices and nutrients of the ingredients and conferring a consistency and flavour that is impossible to achieve through traditional cooking methods. Vacuum drawer has other interesting applications, as food, especially meat, can be marinated and matured in much shorter times, because, during the vacuum sealing process, meat fibres relax and so absorb condiments much faster.

Smeg combines this innovative philosophy in the conservation and cooking of food with its Vacuum Drawer, an appliance with excellent technical properties and an elegant design, which can be used to seal solid and liquid foods in a highly efficient manner.

Smeg’;s Vacuum Drawer can be totally integrated to its Classica and Linea collections, and uses special technology to remove up to 99.9% of air automatically, compared to the traditional process, recorded through a special sensor.
The Vacuum Drawer is made in stainless steel inox with a lid in tempered glass, combining resistance and aesthetics: a perfect synthesis of function in the highest tradition of Smeg. The drawer is only 135mm high, and the lid can be tipped to 65 degrees, making it more practical to use, and has self-blocking slides to avoid it closing inadvertently. The ample drawer capacity means that it can handle food in single and double portion sizes.

Another feature of the Vacuum Drawer is the option of 3 air aspiration levels: “delicate”, “medium” and “high”, plus the “chef” function for marinating and maturing foods. Bags are sealed, according to preferred intensity, in a two-stage phase, to prevent incomplete sealing which could prevent the vacuum from forming.

Smeg completes the product with a wide range of bags and containers to preserve and cook aliments, made from food safe polymers of the highest quality, PVC and BPA free.
The Vacuum Drawer by Smeg is an evolution in the kitchen, and once again the brand delivers with style, in the highest tradition of the best Italian technology.