Portofino, a picturesque harbour surrounded by olive trees, is a precious jewel nestled on the edge of the Golfo del Tigullio. The Portofino range, inspired by the Mediterranean hues of its Ligurian ports, brings romance and happiness to the kitchen.


When Smeg’s design studio embarked on its newest venture – to create the world’s most energy-efficient large-format cooker, Portofino epitomised the pinnacle of Italian opulence and so the new collection was named. It was fortuitous because Portofino also inspired the unique colours of the collection, taking their hues from the olive, orange, yellow and red colours of the buildings lining the shores of Portofino, joyously contrasting with the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean.

In technological terms, opulence describes the robust yet refined build quality, best-in-class materials and innovative construction of the cooker. Smeg’s pioneering Thermoseal 90cm 126L cavity was engineered with optimum isothermic properties giving the Portofino the Euoprean A+ energy rating, the most energy efficient cooker in large format available, anywhere. Portofino by Smeg is the ultimate freestanding cooker for the entertainer, the professional chef, the family caterer and dinner party doyenne. And with exquisite Italian good looks, it’s for every lover of technology with style.

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This colourful range is inspired by the rich tones of the Mediterranean.

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