The best way to preserve the sheen of stainless steel is to take care not to let corrosive substances (bleach, ammonia, salt etc.) come into contact with it. If this does happen, immediately rinse the area in question with water and then wipe carefully with a dry cloth.

We recommend specific Smeg products for cleaning both brushed and polished stainless steel sinks, such as the PASTA-X cleaning cream and the PAMI-1 microfibre cleaning cloth, which is slightly dampened so as not to leave marks on the surface. As a rule of thumb, the more you clean, the longer the steel will stay shiny.

The sink pop-up is a device installed under kitchen sinks and operated via a frontal control knob - hence the "remote control" part. The strainer waste pops up automatically, allowing sink water to drain away without you having to get your hands wet.

The surface of micro scratch-resistant stainless steel sinks is etched with tiny grooves, similar to microscopic holes. The main benefit is that scratches or scores which are part and parcel of everyday use do not show up as much as in other sinks.

Smeg Cristalite® or Cristadur® sinks in a shot-blasted quartz and anti-bacterial resin finish are scratch-resistant, resistant to thermal shock and very easy to clean.