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In praise of colour

A common thread through all product ranges, all Smeg collections can be coordinated in a harmonious and functional way.

All Smeg collections can be seen in multiple ways: each appliance is a choice in itself. Whether you're designing a large space or a kitchen of just a few square metres, each element can be coordinated, organised and combined with elements from other collections. Let's see how. 

The perfect match

Red is a primary colour, a saturated, brilliant tonality, ideal for the rounded, simple lines of the FAB refrigerator, now available in Energy Class A+++, as in the lines of the Victoria kitchen, the freestanding gas and induction version, even with double and triple ovens. 

This retro and yet still avantgarde design is perfect when complemented by small appliances in the same colour: a toaster, orange juicer and coffee maker. 

Pastel colours

Balanced, relaxing, informal: pastel green is more than a colour - it's a long jump back to the Fifties. This tonality, between mint and turquoise, light and brilliant, stands out in a setting characterised by grey or white, between a FAB refrigerator and a Victoria cooktop, with oven and hood. 

Victoria built-in home appliances and 50's style fridge

The return of white

It almost goes unnoticed. But on the contrary, it is the heart of a welcoming, minimal and carefully detailed design: white is the non-colour which warms the room, both modern and timeless. 

Light, luminous and reassuring. It is the versatile solution which leaves room for innumerable interpretations: from the rounded lines of the FAB refrigerator, dishwasher and mixer tap, to the Victoria collection's freestanding kitchen and extraction hood. 

Victoria and 50's style aesthetic lines:

50's style

Aesthetic line
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Aesthetic line
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Victoriafree standing cooker and 50's style fridge