Local actions for global sustainability
Becoming increasingly sustainable requires a constant commitment from all members of the organisation. For this reason, environmental projects have been activated over the years in Italy and around the world. These projects aim to add their own local contribution to the global strategy, for the good of the planet.


Smeg is an ordinary member of the Consorzio Kilometroverde Parma, a local organisation whose mission is to create permanent woodlands within the Province of Parma, Northern italy. The company has made land available for the planting of trees spread over 30,000 square metres.
A project dedicated to the implementation of charging stations for electric vehicles is underway to promote a new, more sustainable and efficient approach to mobility.



Smeg France is committed to a strong approach to sustainability with the signing of a climate contract in July 2022 that outlines the various measures the company will put in place by 2023 in terms of sustainable development, such as reducing paper printing and increasing our communication on product sustainability and greener products.  In 2023, SMEG France will go further and commit to the French forest with ReforestAction. At least 2000 trees will be planted in France in the course of the year.


By directing all confidential paper documents to an environmentally friendly paper processing company, Smeg Germany contributes to less water consumption, lower CO2 emissions and less tree usage. The pulp obtained from shredding paper into fibres is cleaned and then mixed with new pulp to form new paper. This means that a total of 100 per cent of Smeg's paper waste relating to confidential documents is reused. Thus in 2022 Smeg Germany saved 11,484 trees.


Since moving to its new home several years ago, Smeg UK has continued to invest in the building’s infrastructure including the migration of lighting to LED panels throughout, as well as the addition of solar panels installed on the roof, cutting the energy consumption. The panels contribute 30,000 KwH of power a year and in 2023 this figure is set to double, thanks to new photovoltaic panels being installed in the grounds of the building, surrounded by a wildflower meadow prompting further biodiversity.The site has also seen the installation of 26 electric car charger points for customers and staff to use now and in the future, designed to encourage greener travel. As an example, the power currently generated from the solar panels on our roof would power an electric vehicle around the world nearly 5 times.