In recognition of this recent trend, Smeg offers a wide range of ovens that combine traditional cooking techniques with steaming.

The increasing emphasis on healthy eating has led to the spread of new cooking techniques, steam cooking above all. In recognition of this recent trend, Smeg offers a wide range of ovens that combine traditional cooking techniques with steaming. The appeal of the new steam cooking lies not only in their elegance and style, but above all in the healthy and functional approach to cooking they offer, enhancing the flavours of food whilst maintaining the nutritional benefits. These ovens also reduce wasted energy and raw materials, enabling users to create an infinite number of appetising low-calorie recipes.

There are three types of Smeg ovens with steam cooking function, available in several different aesthetic lines.

Innovation is king on the models with Smart Steam function, all of which deliver impeccable results by adding steam to traditional cooking methods. The oven is simple and intuitive to use, thanks to the TFT Touch colour display: with a single touch, the user can choose from one of 5 steam cooking functions and one of 3 levels of steam generation. The oven automatically calculates the exact amount of water required to cook the preset recipe. The steam is delivered directly into the oven cavity and evenly distributed by the ventilation system, for superb cooking results with any dish, from meat to bread. In addition, the innovative and advanced Smart Cooking system provides 80 automatic memorised cooking programs and 20 customisable recipes that allow even those with very little experience in the kitchen to achieve excellent results. Convenient to use, it is also easy to clean thanks to the pyrolytic function, a process that heats the cavity and breaks down residual fats and grease.


Smeg also presents a very unique and interesting new addition: a range of ovens with Direct Steam function. The steam function in this instance is managed manually, both with regard to the insertion of the water at the bottom of the oven cavity and to when the steam function is activated, enabling this to occur at just the right moment, ensuring food is softened and moistened during cooking. The simplicity and immediacy of use of these ovens provides a valuable source of support for anyone looking to take a healthy approach to cooking, without compromising on flavour.

The range of compact ovens, meanwhile, includes both full steam and combination steam models, enabling food to be cooked in a healthy manner without adding excess calories, maintaining the vitamin and mineral content without altering the flavours and aromas. A special water reservoir is filled via the Fill&Hide tube which ensures the optimum quantity of water is used, preventing waste without interfering with the quality of the cooking result. As well as combining the various cooking systems, the Smeg combination steam ovens also enable either traditional or steam cooking methods to be used alone, for maximum versatility in the kitchen. Users can choose whether to cook in 100% steam or in combined mode, selecting the percentage that best suits the precise cooking requirements for perfect results.

A set of accessories completes these ovens, so users have the right tools on hand for every recipe. Finally, the high energy efficiency of these ovens ensures high performance and low energy consumption, placing the ovens in the class A + category.

Smeg consolidates its prestigious reputation by placing itself at the heart of innovation and Made in Italy style, with superb products that enhance creativity in the kitchen.

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