50' Style

FAB28 refrigerator - the latest in technology

7 reasons to choose the refrigerator with Fifties styling - quite apart from its design, of course

With its soft, convex lines and brilliant colours, the FAB28 is the refrigerator that made Smeg a household word around the world. It redefined the style and aesthetics of the largest domestic appliance, making it a furnishing element with the potential to break the bounds of the kitchen: eclectic, non-conformist, and ever more eco-sustainable. Style, colour and, above all, technology are the stand out features of the latest FAB28 with its cutting edge solutions and fine detailing in Energy Class A+++, the highest in the category. 

A new soul

On its outside, little has changed, but inside FAB28 contains a wealth of wonderful innovative features.

7 reasons to choose the FAB28 fridge:

  1. Style and function
    New profile elements shape the glass main compartment shelves and door balcony shelves, with chrome finishing not only on the outside but in every detail.
  2. Zero energy loss
    The Multiflow system optimises the distribution of cold and humidity to assure an even temperature throughout the main compartment and the vegetables drawer.
  3. Everything in its place
    A new 0°C compartment for fish and meat offers the perfect temperature for keeping fresh foods.
  4. Unbeatable practicality
    The non-freeze back panel prevents ice forming.
  5. Everything to hand
    Led devices illuminate both sides of the refrigerator to facilitate storage, without increasing consumption.
  6. Details that make the difference
    The door hinge is more compact, for a leaner, more elegant overall look.
  7. Technology and colour
    FAB28 is available in a vast range of continually renewed versions. Choose from British or Italian national liveries, multicolor decorations, the whiteboard effect (which you can actually write on), matt colour versions, and even special editions from stylists and designers, including the recent Sicily Is My Love from our collaboration with Dolce&Gabbana.

The interior is lit by a LED strip which runs along the refrigerator walls.


The side thermostat offers electronic, and where required, manual temperature regulation, for personalized setting.


Special zone with a temperature range of -2 - +3°C, ideal for keeping more perishable foods such as meat and fish.


The new cooling system distributes cold air in a uniform manner throughout the refrigerator, ensuring food is correctly preserved.


It features a perforated panel which can be adjusted to customise the compartment’s level of ventilation and humidity.


The profiles of the glass shelves and balconies feature shiny chrome-plated trim which draws on retro design.

Iconic details

Rounded curves and chrome-plated details perfectly co-ordinate the interior and outer door of the refrigerator.

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