Terms and conditions of warranty valid for smeg household appliances installed in Malaysia.

1) The appliance is assured by Kitch (M) Sdn Bhd for a period of 24 months from the date on which the first user purchased it. The date of purchase may be proven only by means of a document valid for tax purposes issued by the vendor to the first user which states the details of the retailer in addition to the date. Any user who wishes to make use of the conventional warranty offered by Kitch (M) Sdn Bhd must present the aforesaid document, together with this manual, to the technical staff who will check that they are valid.

2) The warranty covers all replacements or repair work due to manufacturing defects or lack of conformity with the product characteristics, as stated in the accompanying documents, which were present at the time of purchase.

3) The Warranty does not cover work carried out on faults due to inappropriate, negligent or careless use, to improper use, particularly non-domestic use, to failure to follow the instructions for running the appliance, to repairs carried out using non-original spare parts, to the work of technical staff unauthorised by Kitch (M) Sdn Bhd, or to circumstances which are not attributable to manufacturing defects in the appliance. Without prejudice to the rights of the User against the Vendor, its direct contracting party, work involving the installation, the connection to power supplies and discharge systems, the setting up of the appliance according to the terms and conditions of use and maintenance indicated in the instruction manual are also not covered by this Warranty. The Warranty also does not cover all those parts subject to wear and tear with normal use (such as, for example, pan stands, flame spreaders, seals, lamps, handles, knobs and removable parts, etc.).

4) The Warranty only covers single family or non-commercial multi-unit dwellings. It does not cover any appliance(s) used in any commercial application.

5) Kitch (M) Sdn Bhd declines all responsibility for any damage directly or indirectly caused to persons, objects or pets due to failure to follow what is indicated in the Instruction Manual principally concerning appliance installation, use and maintenance instructions.

6) Repairs carried out under warranty do not give rise to extensions or renewals of the warranty itself.