Details and chroming

New styles: the design of emotion

FAB28, the cult refrigerator, the voice of new lifestyle trends, brings matt finishes to the kitchen with three brand new colours.


Taken literally, it means ‘non-gloss’, 'opaque'. And the matt finish does give a soft, tactile, even reassuring feeling. Exactly like the new matt colours for the iconic FAB28 refrigerator with its fifteen variants, together with a ongoing series of special editions, including the newly released ‘soft touch’ Emerald Green, Taupe and Ruby Red colours, in addition to 2012's Black Velvet.

New colour palette

The matt colour palette of FAB28 refrigerators appeals not only to the eye, but also to the touch, with a pleasant textured surface. Velvety and soft to the touch, as well as extremely advanced technologically, the FAB28 fridge always makes a strong - and instantly recognisable - statement. And each version offers a range of very personal variants.