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Finding the right appliance configuration for your kitchen

We all require different things from our kitchen and depending on the type of cooking we do and the space we have available, some layouts may suit more than others. One thing is for sure the way in which we arrange built-in appliances can transform a kitchen.

Time should be taken to consider a variety of space saving installation and layout options as well as the type of complementary appliances can sit seamlessly alongside the core oven.

There are four common appliance layout options: Horizontal, Vertical, Island and Cube


A real trend of the moment is to exenuate the lines of your kitchen and opt for a linear layout, installing built-in appliances in a horizontal line, creating a feeling of space and luxury in your home. Smeg's co-ordinated range allows alignment across models, be it an oven, compact appliances, warming drawer, even wine cooler or coffee machine.


Smeg's design led range offers total alignment no matter your preferred layout. Pictured here is an in-column built in appliance layout, perfect for space saving in a neat run of vertical appliances where everything is on hand, built-into a single housing unit.


The focal point of any kitchen, island units are popular for a number of reasons, including eating, entertaining, alongside preparing food and cooking of course! Depending on your utilities and services, kitchen islands can allow for sinks, hobs and extractors as well as ovens and even wine coolers under counter. Add seating and storage and this soon becomes the most family friendly space in the home.


A bank of appliances arranged in a cube layout allows for the maximum amount of appliances to be installed and aligned neatly together, whether its multiple oven options or a mixture combining reduced height steam, microwave ovens or coffee machines with warming drawers below.