The new MFF01 Smeg milk frother is a dream come true for anyone who likes a milky coffee or hot chocolate to start the day. Its unmistakable style makes it a cult accessory, designed to take pride of place in the kitchen. Equipped with the latest induction heating technology and a total of 6 different automatic programmes, as well as manual function for easy, safe preparation of hot and cold drinks, with or without foam, thanks to the various whisks provided.

When you select the chocolate function and use the typical recipe ingredients - milk and pieces of chocolate - the uniform movement of the whisk and the optimal pre-set temperature enables you to effortlessly create a thick, smooth, authentic hot chocolate. The MFF01 is so much more than just a cappuccino maker; thanks to the manual function, it can also be used to prepare tea, infusions and other soluble hot drinks, such as “orzo” or barley coffee.

The new Smeg milk frother is a must-have for anyone who likes to breakfast in style, accompanying a tasty slice of toast and orange juice with an enviable cappuccino or a frothy latte macchiato. It is available in pastel blue black, red, cream and white.