Add a touch of luxury to your kitchen with the latest Linea finish


Smeg's popular Linea aesthetic has received a modern makeover, boasting refined changes that enhance the family of products with contemporary appeal. Introducing Neptune Grey - a new colourway that exudes sophistication and elegance with its deep grey hue and matte texture.

Explore the complete range of kitchen appliances below, perfectly coordinated to complement your kitchen's design


The complete range of ovens features the most innovative Galileo Multicooking technology capable of creating restaurant-quality meals at home. These include Omnichef, SpeedwaveXL, Steam Generation and pyrolytic multifunctional options.

The new aluminum handle and trim-less facia panel further enhance the ovens elegant design.

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Linea Neptune grey ovens


Horno, Línea, 60 cm, Termoventilado, Neptune Grey, A+, Pirolitico
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Horno, Línea, Compatto 45 cm, Combinado Microondas, Neptune Grey, Vapor Clean
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Horno, Línea, Compatto 45 cm, Combinado Vapor, Rango de vapor: 20 - 100%, Neptune Grey, A++, Vapor Clean
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Hobs and hoods

A vertical hood ensures maximum freedom of movement in the kitchen, thanks to its reduced depth and ability to re-circulate or duct out depending on your preference, plus thanks to the smart technology of auto-vent 2.0, the hood and hob can work automatically together.

Perfect for cooking with practicality and safety, the induction hobs offer an exclusive finish with a satin effect which is resistant to scratches. 

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Coffee machines, blast chillers & drawers

A built-in semi-automatic coffee machine allows coffee lovers to choose their favourite roasts and create authentic espresso with over 50 drink combinations.

The blast chiller offers the perfect solution for food preservation - the best way to gain more free space in the fridge, reduce wastage and save time.

Various drawers are available to complete the look. Vacuum for sous vide and preservation, warming for heating crockery and bread proofing and sommelier for all essential wine equipment.

Linea Neptune Grey coffee machines, blast chillers & drawers


Cafetera, Línea, Automática, Neptune Grey
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Cajón calientaplatos, Línea, Calientaplatos, 15 cm, Neptune Grey
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Cajón calientaplatos, Línea, Somelier, 15 cm, Neptune Grey
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Wine coolers

Smeg wine coolers are available in a variety of formats and sizes to help maintain your red and white wine collection to the optimum temperature, no matter your entertainment or storage requirements.

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Neptune grey line up