The kitchen is the heart of the home and fully reflects the personality of those who live in it. A space to be organised to give free rein to one's passions. Smeg appliances create the perfect atmosphere for transforming a functional space into an elegant environment that doesn't compromise on the latest technology. Ovens, wine cellars, hobs, sinks: everything you need is in perfect aesthetic coordination.



The new Smeg stainless steel tap enriches the kitchen environment with a high quality finish that won't go unnoticed: the body of the product is completely covered by a stainless steel surface with a knurled pattern that makes it unique.

The AISI316 steel, tested in medical and naval environments, is resistant to corrosion and remains in top condition over time.  Available in stainless steel and dark inox finishes, it fits perfectly with the style of contemporary kitchens.


If you are thinking about how to choose the most suitable mixer for your needs, the new model in AISI316 steel allows easy installation even near a window, thanks to the knob with a 90-degree opening towards the user. It also pays the utmost care and attention to energy efficiency and water saving thanks to the ESC (energy saving cartridge) system, which delivers cold water instead of mixed water when the knob is in the vertical position.



Taps, Stainless steel
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Taps, Dark Inox
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