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Optimizing space by stacking NOVAcare washing machines and dryers
Furnishing home is a real art 

Optimizing home space is often a challenge: you need every kind of appliances and it seems impossible to have space for all of them. In particular, choosing the area dedicated to laundry is very often a sore point, because few homes have a specific room for that. 

In order to meet these needs, Smeg laboratories designed the new NOVAcare line of washing machines, dryers and simultaneously a new ad hoc stacking kit, which allows the two products to be stacked firmly and safely. In this way the weight of the dryer is distributed and vibrations absorbed, allowing the two appliances to work simultaneously and without any danger of movement or falling.

NOVAcare washing machines and dryers - Smeg

A design choice

A well-organized laundry room is a real touch of class, and Smeg's and new, technologically advanced NOVAcare dryers and washing machines stand out for their extremely elegant design, given by their neat lines and large black door. Since they are designed to be potentially put in column, their stacking makes the laundry room a harmonious and contemporary little masterpiece. This becomes especially relevant when located in a visible area, such as an open-plan kitchen.

A funcionality choice

By installing Smeg NOVAcare washing machine and dryer in a column, you can enjoy all the advantages of a dryer, such as reduced drying times and maintaining fabric qualities, without giving up a single meter of your home. In addition, placing the two appliances on top of each other allows heat and moisture to be concentrated within a single area. This can reduce their dispersion to the surrounding environment, and therefore, preserving a comfortable climate and avoiding the use of cooling or heating devices later.

A life choice

Stacking washing machines and dryers allow you to free up not only space, but also your creativity. You can reinvent the meters saved: some solutions might be extra space for detergents or a folding station.

Then, laundry management becomes as immediate as ever: moving garments from one appliance to another is quick and easy. Simply lift the garments from the washing machine and insert them into the dryer. A reduction in time, effort and stress that inevitably flows into greater well-being and space, in every sense, for one's life.

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