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the Smeg toaster wins the 2015 Red Dot Design Award


After the if Design Award received at the beginning of 2015, it is once again the toaster from the 1950s’ Line by Smeg that has attracted the official applause of the jury of the Red Dot Design Awards.

The small household appliance, in itself an evocative object of healthy daily habits and gestures of sharing, curiously uses aesthetic references to a not too distant past, the 1950s, to assert its modernity made of latest generation technology and above all aesthetic sensibility. Its sinuous lines and colours, from the candy-like ones to the more serious ones, are not capricious details but a strong point of Smeg and of the design by Matteo Bazzicalupo and Raffaella Mangiarotti (deepdesign).

This is the value of the toaster, confirmed by the award: even a small household appliance can become something other than a kitchen implement that does its job well and, with respect to technological contents bandied about in hard, cold and unattractive ways, the familiarity of the Smeg toaster leads to a new approach to purchase and use.

The Smeg toaster has met all the criteria of evaluation of the Red Dots: degree of innovation, functionality, formal quality, sturdiness, ecological compatibility, symbolic and emotional contents. The jury of the award, made up of international professionals who are experts in design from different backgrounds, ensures an extended evaluation of the intercultural aspects connected with the winning design projects, which is an approach particularly close to the Smeg philosophy. The media sounding board of the Red Dot Design Awards, the inclusion in the Year Book, the Red Dot App, the presence in the Museum of Essen and the “on tour” initiatives will be invaluable as tools of communication and to spread the values and beauty that extend from the individual product to the whole Smeg collection.