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The first good round figure is celebrated this year by SMEG Russia! Of course, the jubilee does not happen without appropriate celebration, and SMEG has organized a big event on his occasion. The solemn ceremony was held at the Italian Embassy in the center of Moscow. It was conducted by the longtime friend of the brand - Andrey Malakhov. More than 200 participants of the event - SMEG employees and clients, celebrities and fashion opinion-leaders - gathered to enjoy a magical evening and a wonderful mix of music, dancing and nice food.

SMEG Celebrated 10th Anniversary

The relationship of Italy and Russia, similar cultures and mentalities of these people was the key idea of the evening and was underlined by the decorations and the music repertoire. In welcome zone the harp, flute and cello set the typical atmosphere of Italian and Russian antiquity. Then all the guests proceeded to the great hall, where the main event was held, with a variety of dishes, a free bar and entertaining photo-installation. Before the solemn part of the event, the audience enjoyed the Opera singing. Young artists of the Moscow Conservatory, laureates of international festivals, performed excerpts from the most famous operas of Puccini and Verdi, Rossini, and Capua, Rimsky-Korsakov and Rachmaninov. The Deputy of the Italian Ambassador in the Russian Federation, Minister Michele Tommasi opened a ceremony.

The alliance of Italy and Russia was highlighted by the main action of the program: the show of exclusive joint collections, made by SMEG together with Dolce & Gabbana and with the "Russian Seasons" project. At first, guests enjoyed the premiere of the collection Sicily is My Love. These luxury kitchen appliances, painted with patterns of Sicilian folklore, where each decorative element is the aesthetic symbol, are the joint creation of SMEG and Dolce & Gabbana (world premiere of the collection took place in the frame of iSaloni-2017 in Milan).

SMEG Celebrated 10th Anniversary

Then the program continued with the show of an experimental series of small kitchen appliances "A la Russe". This collection was created in the framework of the third festival of Russian culture in the design the "Russian seasons". Young artist and one of the contestants of the "Russian seasons" Maria Pertseva has developed sketches and painted small household appliances SMEG with stories of Russian folklore. The toaster, blender, kettle and slow juicer were decorated with the traditional national patterns and mythological characters of the Slavs, personifying the seasons: the Firebird (autumn), bird Gamayun (winter), Griffin (spring) and Pharaonka (summer). These devices than were displayed at the «Russian seasons» exhibition, that was held from 30 may to 5 June in the Central Department Store (TSUM) in Moscow.

Vice President of SMEG, Vittorio Bertazzoni:  «The 10th anniversary of SMEG Russia has coincided with other significant positive changes for us at the global level. First of all, with the SMEG’s strengthening as a trendsetter in the segment of household appliances. Once SMEG had already managed to break the usual ideas about the purpose of kitchen appliances in the house, and we are happy to continue our aesthetic mission, bringing to the industry the experience of world-renowned architects and designers. We are glad that our last collaboration with D&G found a response in the hearts of Russian designers. As a result, their Russian folklore interpretation of Sicily Is My Love collection is a thing of big interest and our great respect! This step is a very important indicator of our success!»

"We have no doubt that in a country where there are so many talented artists, creative, enthusiastic people our brand will always be worth a special attention. This year we celebrate the first milestone of our development in Russia: its 10th anniversary SMEG has met with 8 showrooms and representative offices, more than 1,000 partners and an extensive distribution network across the country. I would like to congratulate the whole team "SMEG Russia" with this outstanding result and wish our branch in Russia further success and prosperity!", – adds the Director of business development Daniel Martinez.

The evening continued with a rousing performance of "Domino Quartet" music group, which is properly completed this grand celebration.