Built-in coffee machines

North America has changed over the past few decades, and now embraces fully-embraces coffee culture, for which SMEG has created some unique solutions to create authentic espresso and coffee-based beverages conveniently at-home


Ideal for your cappuccinos, latte macchiatos, hot chocolates, and flat whites, milk frothing will heat milk or cream, making it thicker and creamier.  You can also try your hand at “latte art” with a milk frother, to really impress your friends, or you could make cold foam instead of hot, great for milkshakes.  Included as a function of most SMEG coffee products, or available as a stand-alone frothing-focused small appliance, milk frothing is the finishing touch for many of your favorite beverages


SMEG’s built-in coffee systems let you enjoy a huge selection of different drinks, up to 13, such as espressos, cappuccinos, hot milk, white coffee, and Americanos at the touch of a button.  Perfect for entertaining, or for creating your special coffee favorite to enjoy in-private, this versatile appliance can be set to grind and then brew, or to use your choice of pre-ground coffee.  Un caffè per favore!


Multiple SMEG appliances unite cohesively thanks to the company’s fleet design philosophy.  Horizontal and vertical design harmony allows products to be installed in a column, linearly, or even in a “T”-formation, to create a brilliant aesthetic, and an ergonomic kitchen environment