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1.   Smeg S.p.A. reserves the right to modify its products without notification. The illustrations, data and descriptions in this site are not binding and are purely illustrative. For correct installation, it is absolutely imperative to follow the relevant technical instructions for each appliance. This site may include publications with incorrect technical data or printing errors, which will be put right as soon as possible at the discretion of SMEG S.p.A, The data on this site may not be up-to-date, since the site is only updated on a periodical basis. The data published on the site may be changed well after the products or the data relating to them have actually been changed.
2.  This site and the information contained in it, names, pictures, photographs and reproductions, logos and trademarks refer to SMEG S.p.A. and the companies affiliated to it and are exclusive and subject to protection with regard to trademarks, patents and unfair competition. All the products, pictures and reproductions, the logo, trademarks and patents of the products are the exclusive property of SMEG S.p.A. and of its affiliates. No other party has any licence or right to use these goods. The contents of this site may not in any way be interpreted in the sense of attributing rights to licence or to use the products or trademarks of SMEG S.p.A. Any violations will be prosecuted by SMEG S.p.A. in line with current legislation on the protection of trademarks and patents and against unfair competition.
3.   The products and services described in this site may be supplied if and since they are available, although publication on the site does not imply any guarantee (even implicitly) of their availability, saleability and fitness for particular uses and compliance with the current legislation in each individual country.
4.    Neither SMEG S.p.A. nor any of the companies affiliated to it may be held liable contractually or non-contractually for damages (including indirect or non-quantified damages) arising from the impossibility to use this site, the loss of any data or profits that may in any way derive from or be associated with the use of this site.
5.    SMEG S.p.A. may change these terms and conditions of access at any time as well as any other parts of the site without notification.
6.    SMEG S.p.A. is not responsible for the contents of sites connected to its own website nor for any problems arising from indirect connection via links.
7.    SMEG S.p.A. advertises all its products on the site. This does not mean that all the products are marketed in each country nor that SMEG S.p.A. intends to market all its own products in each country, nor that its products - if marketed - are immediately available in each country. Those interested in receiving up-to-date information are invited to send a request directly to the registered offices of SMEG S.p.A.
8.    These terms and conditions on accessing the site are governed by the law of Italy and any disputes arising from the use of this site are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

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