An ongoing commitment to the development of technical and transversal skills
Training at Smeg means giving all employees the tools to express their potential to the full. Whether it be internships, management or technical positions, learning is a constant path to not only professional but also personal growth.

Starting from day 1, all resources, from head office to branches, are involved in a shadowing period that includes introductory courses on site or at headquarters, allowing them to fully breathe in the world of household appliances and beyond.

Regular training also covers foreign languages, environmental protection issues, safety and soft skills, such as public speaking and the use of new platforms, which make daily operations more streamlined and efficient.

During 2021, a total of more than 24,000 hours of training were provided, in addition to specific management workshops conducted in cooperation with leading Italian universities.


Among the soft skills that Smeg considers fundamental is public speaking, which is why every year employees who so wish can take part in dedicated theory and practice sessions.


Every six months, all new recruits in the European subsidiaries are involved in a training session covering all product families, the brand and the main areas of company management.


For specific roles, Smeg organises in-company training sessions in cooperation with universities such as Università Bocconi and Politecnico di Milano.