Working safely, every day
Human resources management in the company is driven by the conviction that the quality of people's lives is a necessary condition for consolidating a sense of belonging to the company, as well as ensuring better shared results, starting with a healthy and pleasant working environment.

At the forefront, the company places actions aimed at safeguarding the health of all employees, such as:

  • Collaborations with national associations such as LILT, aimed at providing free screening visits to employees and advice aimed at improving dietary standards and discouraging cigarette smoking during working hours and beyond
  • Activation of a portal dedicated to corporate welfare, enabling employees to benefit from a range of agreed services: education, health, tourism and welfare During 2021, more than 780 periodic visits were activated, in addition to numerous post- convalescence visits from Covid-19.
Ensuring a satisfying work/life balance for all employees goes hand in hand with ensuring the best safety conditions for them: an emergency team is always ready to intervene in the event of an emergency.