When choosing a hob and a hood for your kitchen, it is important to consider many features including power, ease of use, and of course style.
Whilst hobs are generally unobtrusive within the kitchen, especially when electric, conventional hoods when installed over the top of a hob can be quite bulky, obstructing the view and taking up valuable space within the kitchen.
In order to provide an option which is less prominent and provides a sleek, more simplified aesthetic, Smeg have introduced a combination hood integrated within the hob itself, a 2 in 1 unique solution for cooking and extraction.

The Smeg Hobd is a one piece, flush or surface mounted combination hood in hob, finished with either copper trim HOBD682R1 or full black glass HOBD682D1. Its design provides great flexibility as there are no limitations on where it can be placed within the kitchen, it can be installed in front of a window or even on an island unit.

With a width of 83cm, this impressive combination hood in hob, consist of induction zones on both sides and a flush cast iron grid in the centre which protects the powerful integrated extractor fan.
This unique extraction system draws steam and vapours down through the grid quickly and efficiently, much faster than a traditional hood. There are 8 fan speeds to choose from, plus 2 intensive speeds ideal for when even faster extraction is needed.

The 4 induction cooking zones can be combined into 2 Multizones to create flexible cooking areas for multiple or larger pans. The Auto Vent option means that the induction zones will automatically turn on at the most suitable speed depending on the amount of steam being produced whilst cooking, the extraction speed will then adjust during the whole cooking process.

With no difference in the height across its surface, pans can be moved across the hob in its entirety without encountering any obstacles.

Equipped with an extremely efficient high-quality grease filter which can be washed in the dishwasher, Hobd also features the special AquaProof Engine & Two Liquid collectors safety system, making cleaning simple and removing any risk in case of accidental spillage of liquids.

This hood in hob can be used both with a normal ducting system to the exterior, and in the recirculation configuration. With the latter, a specially-designed kit (KITF6HOBD), composed of ceramic filters, purifies cooking vapours, meaning that no fume outlet is needed: the kit can also be installed in the most modern kitchens, with a base measuring only 6 cm in height.

The Hobd co-ordinates best with the Dolce Stil Novo aesthetic, especially the copper trimmed version, but the universal option can still look great when paired with other aesthetics within the range. Enjoy seamless minimalism, in a single appliance. With Hobd, design knows no limits!



Hob, Aesthetics: Universal, Induction with integrated hood, 80 cm, Built-in: Ultra-low profile or Fully Flushed
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Hob, Aesthetics: Dolce Stil Novo, Induction with integrated hood, 80 cm, Built-in: Traditional
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Hob, Aesthetics: Universal, Induction with integrated hood, 80 cm, Built-in: Ultra-low profile or Fully Flushed
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