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Powerful Extractor hood Solutions

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For many, the kitchen is the most technologically sophisticated room in the house - and the role of the extractor, particularly in an open plan kitchen is crucial in protecting against odours and fumes. Smeg's new concealed hoods/ hobs benefit from very quiet extraction and impressive funtionality, appliances which will change the way you cook forever.

Hob with an integrated hood

Hobd revolutionises not just the kitchen but cooking itself. This single unit conceals a powerful waterproof extractor which instantly removes cooking odours. 

Its design provides great flexibility as there are no limitations on where it can be placed within the kitchen, it can be installed in front of a window or on an island.


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The downdraft hood is the best solution for island and peninsula kitchens and any kitchen with a worktop deeper than 60cm. Mounted directly above the worktop, the integrated downdraft extractor only appears when you need it either for extraction or lighting. When it is lowered, the area around the hobs is completely clear and can be used to the full, offering unbeatable functionality and fully optimising your space. 

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Connected hobs and hoods

Smeg's innovative Auto-Vent system connects the hob to the hood and controls the extraction fan speed automatically to suit the cooking temperature and power settings on the hob itself. You no longer need to adjust the hood settings yourself - simply set the hob to work as you desire and the hood will automatically extract the cooking odours, adjusting its extraction power to suit the needs of your cooking. 

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