Smeg x Coca-Cola - Iconic fridge

Smeg are delighted to once again partner with super brand Coca-Cola to produce an extra special, one-of-a-kind fridge that any fan of SMEG, or of Coke, will love. With this collaboration, the fridge has been designed using Coke’s signature colour palette combined with Smeg’s retro design, to create the Smeg x Coca-Cola “Iconic" FAB28 fridge.


The exterior of the "Iconic" fridge features the classic styling of Coca-Cola’s old-school 1950s-era red-and-white vending machines. This homage to the past is sure to evoke a feeling of nostalgia along with a feel-good factor in the kitchen.

Below the SMEG badge, the brand's 'Drink Coca-Cola' logo can be seen, along with the slogans 'Have a Coke' and 'Ice cold'.


Inside the fridge there is plenty of space for all your groceries and drinks with a generous 244 litre capacity – it can even fit a whopping 233 cans of coke inside, plus removable glass shelves for maximum flexibility, LED lighting to perfectly illuminate the inside, a life plus compartment for preserving perishable foods and a fruit and vegetable drawer. There is also a 26 litre icebox ideal for storing small quantities of frozen food and ice.