Extractor Hoods

Smeg integrated extractors are available in a variety of formats, sizes & finishes designed to maximise extraction rates and minimise noise. Choose a chimney, canopy, island, ceiling or even retractable downdraft model.

Downdraft hoods

A downdraft extractor can be installed into  a variety of worksurfaces, especially well suited to an island unit layout, perfect contemporary living. 

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Smart connection

Auto Vent is a smart infrared system which allows you to automatically control your Smeg extractor with paired hob.

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Hobd: perfectly combining cooking and extraction

The Smeg Hobd is a combination hood in hob. Its unique one piece design provides great installation flexibility, allowing it to be flush fitted or surface mounted no matter the location, be it infront of a window or on top of an island unit, for example.

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