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Steam cooking

This age-old, healthy cooking method preserves and enhances the real essence of food. Steam is a popular alternative to conventional cooking methods.

The popularity of steam cooking is on the rise. Steam cooking provides faster cooking times  - typically 20-25% less than conventional cooking, as well as reduced energy consumption. Thanks to its delicate nature steam cooks in a different way, locking in food's nutritional and organoleptic properties. This means that delicious, wholesome, prime raw ingredients retain all their original aroma, colour and texture.

What's more, cooking in a humid environment doesn’t dry dishes out; instead steam cooking ensures all the aromatic properties are sealed inside, so that foods retain their full flavour and true essence. You can also cook multiple dishes at once without flavour transfer and perfectly reheat tricky foods like rice and pasta without drying ingredients out.


  • It keeps food soft and avoids excessive moisture loss
  • It locks in more nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • It ensures moist cooking results for food that is juicy inside, and crispy and golden on the outside
  • It reduces cooking times
  • It enables food to be cooked from frozen, such as vegetables, without the need to defrost
  • it allows simultaneous cooking of multiple foods without odour transfer

Smart steam

Smeg smart steam ovens combine steam and traditional cooking modes. Water is drawn in through a flexible tube which disappears into the cavity when it is not used. This discrete system has no impact on the volume of the cavity or the oven’s interior or exterior aesthetics. Steam is injected directly into the oven cavity and distributed uniformly by the fan function.

This appliance is perfect for producing juicy, crisp results when cooking seafood, bread, cake, meat and potato dishes to restaurant standard every time. 

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Steam works in harmony with traditional heat to bring out the maximum flavour, cooking any food in a far more natural way. This type of cooking is ideal for any recipe, selecting the appropriate function combined with steam.

It is possible to 'sous vide' using the 100% steam option and a VBAG accessory, which is why full steam ovens are part of the Vitality system.

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Easy to use,  direct steam is an invaluable tool for those who favour healthy cooking. This technology features manual management of both the loading of water in the bottom of the oven cavity and of steam activation at the moment deemed most suitable for softening the food being cooked by increasing the moisture content.



The Vitality System is Smeg's recipe for healthy eating. This system comprises of 3 revolutionary products: a blast chiller, a vacuum drawer and a combi 'full steam' oven. 

By selecting the 100% steam option on a full steam combi oven, sous vide cooking can take place using a Smeg VBAG. This process allows you to retain the aromas, juices, nutrients of the ingredients, consistency and flavour that is impossible to achieve through traditional cooking methods.


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