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Discover Smeg Mehadrin certified Sabbath mode Ovens

Smeg have been awarded the status of super kosher on a large selection of our ovens by FEDTECH. Find out what this means and which ovens are suitable.

Did you know that many of Smeg’s ovens have a certified mehadrin (Super Kosher) ‘Sabbath mode? This function has been specifically designed to meet the strict Shabbat Law requirements of the Jewish community and as such these ovens have been certified mehadrin (Super Kosher) compliant by the Rabbis at FedTech (The Federation of Synagogues)

What is Sabbath?

Shabbat, Shabbos, or the Sabbath is a day of religious abstinence from a number of activities recognised by Jewish law. It begins before sunset on Friday afternoon and ends at nightfall on Saturday evening each week. During this time, Jewish families immerse themselves in enjoying simple pastimes, good food and good company without the daily distractions of technology and chores. By escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life, they can be fully present and appreciate some much-needed downtime. Sounds appealing right?!

Why has Smeg developed a Sabbath function?

We want our products to be as inclusive as possible and by diligently creating a dedicated Sabbath function on our ovens, we have been able to fully comply with the Jewish requirements for Shabbat. This means that Smeg ovens, which are certified ‘Super Kosher’, can be a confident option for the Jewish community, who unfortunately have limited choices at present.
We also place great relevance on family, for Smeg family is everything. The Jewish laws of the Sabbath reinforce how important quality time together is as a family, which is something we can appreciate. Not to mention Smeg’s love of food and how it plays such a crucial role in the home, Sabbath places great importance on enjoying sacred meals throughout the day together.

How do our ovens fit in?

Jewish law prohibits cooking on the Sabbath. This means that in order to enjoy a warm meal, food must be cooked beforehand and then kept warm using the Sabbath function. This function has a temperature range of 60-150˚C and also complies with a number of electrical requirements which are listed below:

No door-activated switching on/off light
No door activated change to display/LED screens.
No door-activated switching on/off heating elements
No door-activated switching on/off motors
No door-activated solenoids are activated.
Heating cycle is not triggered faster due to door opening.
Heating cycle is not extended when door is opened.
Closing the oven door will not indirectly trigger or enable a future heating cycle.

Interested in learning more about how to use these ovens during Shabbos and Yom Tov? Find out more here.

Which models are certified by Fedtech?

 Dolce Stil Novo ovens:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Ovens - 45cm 


Ovens - 60cm 

SO4604M2PNR * SOP6606S2PNR *
SO4604S4PNR * SO6606APNR *
SO4606WAPNR * SOP6604S2PNR *

Linea ovens:


Ovens - 45cm
Ovens - 60cm
SO4102S3G SFP6101TVN1
SO4102M1B3 SFP6101TVS1
SO4102S3B3 SOP6102TN
SO4104M2PG SOP6102TS
SO4104S4PG SO6102M2S
SO4104APG SO6102M2N

Victoria ovens:

Ovens - 45cm  Ovens - 60cm
SO4902M1P SOP6902S2PP
SO4902M1N SOP6902S2PN
SO4902M1X SOP6902S2PX

Classic ovens:


Ovens - 45cm
Oven - 60cm
Ovens - 90cm
SO4302M1X SO6302TX

Cucina ovens:


Ovens - 60cm


Frequently asked questions

To help with any questions you might have, we’ve listed the most frequently asked questions below:

Q: How do I know that the oven is suitable for Sabbath use?

A: Some of Smeg’s ovens have a Sabbath mode which has been designed according to a strictly defined specification which has been reviewed and approved by FedTech – Federation of Synagogues Beth Din. The ovens are spot checked regularly by the organisation’s Rabbis to confirm that they meet the standards.

Q: Where can I find a list of models which have been certified by FedTech?


Q: How do I find out more about the Halachic (Jewish Law) basis on which the appliances have been certified for sabbath use?

A: If you have any questions relating to the Halachic compliance of our devices, we recommend you contact 
[email protected] directly.

Q: What is the maximum number of hours the oven will run in Sabbath mode? Will the oven switch off after for example 12 hours? Can the settings be altered in Sabbath mode?

A: This will be model dependant. Sabbath mode will run for 73 hours. you cannot adjust it, just stop it before the end of the 73 hours. Once Sabbath mode has been activated, the device will be entirely unresponsive. The only possible/feasible activity in Sabbath mode is to turn off Sabbath mode and return the device to regular state.

Q: Is there any limit to the temperature at which the oven can run in Sabbath mode?

A: The range of temperature in Sabbath mode is: 60 – 150 °C. It is intended as a warming function, not a cooking function.

Q: I am struggling to activate Sabbath mode? How can Sabbath mode be deactivated?

A: Please refer to the oven's instruction manual.  

Q: Is the timer function enabled in Sabbath mode? 

A: No, it is not possible. 

Q: Are there any other benefits associated with these ovens for the Jewish community?

A: Some (not all) of the ovens listed include a Pyrolytic cleaning cycle, which can be used to kasher the oven, including for Pesach (Passover)

Q: What is the status of the Sabbath mode of the Smeg ovens which are not listed on the certificate?

A: These ovens run on an old version of the software and their operation is not compliant with Sabbath Law.