Steam ovens

Smeg's built-in steam ovens are available in 60cm and compact 45cm heights. With all the benefits of a traditional oven, the addition of steam gurantees great bakes & moist, nutritous results.

Steam cooking provides faster cooking times  - typically 20-25% less than conventional cooking, as well as reduced energy consumption. Thanks to its delicate nature steam cooks in a different way, locking in food's nutritional and organoleptic properties. This means that delicious, wholesome, prime raw ingredients retain all their original aroma, colour and texture.

What's more, cooking in a humid environment doesn’t dry dishes out; instead steam cooking ensures all the aromatic properties are sealed inside, so that foods retain their full flavour and true essence. You can also cook multiple dishes at once without flavour transfer and perfectly reheat tricky foods like rice and pasta without drying ingredients out.

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