Revolutionise your laundry routine: washing machines & dryers

Discover a new level of convenience

Smeg is pleased to present a new laundry range of high-performance washing machines and dryers with a distinct and unique design.
We appreciate that laundry can sometimes be a chore, so we've designed our machines to be efficient and simple to operate. With large capacities, intuitive displays and a range of intelligent features, the new laundry range is ideal for families, busy professionals, and anyone looking to simplify their laundry routine.

The range includes a variety of models, each with unique features and benefits to suit different lifestyles and preferences, including an 8kg and 9kg washing machine, a 10/6kg washer-dryer and an 8kg tumble dryer.

For added flexibility, Smeg washing machines and dryers can be positioned in vertical or horizontal alignment using a specially designed connection kit. allowing them to form a single module for greater ease of use.



To ensure optimal results, the washing machines come equipped with a steam energy option that provides the highest level of care for your clothing and guarantees the best results on all types of garments both when washing and drying. By offering anti-crease, anti-stain, and anti-allergy benefits, steam injection is an innovative laundry care solution that can quickly and effectively neutralise odours and allergens, while also smoothing out stubborn creases.


Intelligent sensors in the washing machines automatically supply the optimum amount of detergent and softener for each wash cycle. With this feature, you can be confident that your items will be washed carefully and effectively, giving them the necessary protection. The treatment, simplicity, and absence of waste in the machine make it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a convenient and environmentally friendly washing solution.

Wide screen displays

These machines feature a full-area display with large white LEDs and soft-touch controls, so you can easily set the machine and select various options. With its precise, intuitive, and immediate controls, this appliance is designed to provide a seamless user experience.

New door design

Thanks to its large size, 160ยบ opening and spacious drum, loading and unloading of garments is made easy. Moreover, its elegant black door design with a chrome ring gives it a modern and stylish look.

Key features

Quick wash

When you need to do some last-minute laundry, this is the perfect setting. These machines can wash a load in as little as 14 minutes, which is perfect for small quantities or items that are slightly dirty.


These machines feature impressive spin speeds between 1400 rpm and 1600 rpm, which means they will remove more water from your clothes, allowing them to dry faster.


Washing machines and dryers can be noisy, especially in open-plan kitchens. Thanks to the use of a special brushless/inverter motor, sound is always kept to a minimum.

Energy efficient

The 9kg washing machine has an impressive A rating, while the 8kg tumble dryer boasts an A+++ rating, making this new laundry range extremely energy-efficient. Plus, the inverter motor significantly reduces energy consumption, helping save money on your bills.

Special programmes


The anti-stain programme is capable of removing even the most stubborn dirt.

The outdoor programme dedicated to sports activity is perfect for washing technical garments that require frequent washing.

The anti-allergy programme is ideal for garments that require a high level of hygiene.

The wool programme is ideal for more delicate garments.

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