Slow juicers

Smeg Slow Juicers produce fruit and vegetable juices of the highest quality in terms of nutritional benefits.

Making juice is easy and healthy

The Smeg slow juicer extracts juice via the cold-press method, producing totally fresh, concentrated juice with the zinging colours and smells of the original ingredients. 

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High-Quality Build

Constructed from high quality materials, the slow juicer is well-built, resistant to corrosion and BPA free.

Slow Squeeze Technology

Slow is sometimes best! With a rotation speed of just 43 RPM, the juicer presses all important nutrients out of ingredients. There is also a reverse rotation function designed to unblock the juicer if pieces accumulate.

Choice of Filters

Depending on the filter chosen, you can create a thicker or thinner juice with more or less pulp, just how you like it. Pulp is excllent when combined into baking, smoothies and pancakes.

Juice Density

The appliance's control lever allows you to select the juice's density, while the leftovers flow from the dedicated spout.

International Awards

Smeg reputation for making high-quality products continues to grow from strength to strength.

The Smeg SJF01 slow juicer has won the Good Design Award 2016 and has been rated highly by Good Housekeeping, Trusted Reviews and Which? Magazine.

Sicily is my love

 Unmistakably creative, why not choose a Dolce & Gabbana Slow Juicer for the ultimate statement in your kitchen.


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