Hand blenders

This incredibly versatile hand blender is geared to power through a range of prep and finishing work with ease.  Use it to make homemade sauces, dips and salsa’s, batters, baby food, single serve morning smoothies, nut bars, and just about anything else presto! Add our nifty hand blender food processor accessory to the mix and you’re sure to make their next dinner party one to remember.

Design & functionality

This hand blender can smooth and reduce even the hardest fruits and vegetables, always guaranteeing the best results in terms of softness and creaminess.

Versatile and easy to use, you can create all kinds of recipes with a touch of creativity and style.

Cooking for yourself, your family or your friends becomes even more of a fun and stimulating experience.

Easy to Use

Create sweet and delicious recipes or even savoury dishes, for simple ideas or even more complex ones, but always imaginative and full of fun.

Adjustable speed

for maximum versatility and consistent results.

Ergonomic and anti-slip handle

for easy handling during use.

Stainless steel blending arm

for maximum durability. Easy to remove when using various accessories.

Stainless steel blades with FlowBlend system

the design of the bell and the stainless steel blades creates an optimum flow that guarantees the perfect consistency of the blended ingredients with the best possible results.