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Smeg's Christmas Holiday Menu

Explore our Christmas-inspired three-course meals guaranteed to make the festive season one to remember.


Kitchen colour trends 2023

Planning a new kitchen or thinking of re-decorating? Channel your inner interior designer as you peruse our lookbook of on-trend colours, along with Smeg appliances to complete the look. 

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Smeg Vitality System

The triple formula for a healtheir life. Bringing professional products into a domestic environment with built-in steam ovens, vacuum drawers and a blast chiller.

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Wines stored with the utmost care

Optimal temperature, ideal humidity levels and attention to details are key traits of Smeg wine coolers, real domestic wine storage.

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Piano Design

He is known as the architect of light: Renzo Piano is the architect of public and private works that have changed the landscape of international architecture

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Steam cooking

An age-old, healthy cooking method that preserves and enhances the real essence of food

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