Smeg’s world-famous retro fridge is reimagined into literal works of art – compliments of Dolce&Gabbana. The result – an exclusive collector’s edition of 100 one-of-a-kind art fridges that is every bit as exquisite as it is a treasure to own.

Revered as the inventors of Mediterranean haute couture, Dolce&Gabbana’s runway collections are known for paying a less-than-subtle tribute to their Italian heritage, and specifically that of Sicily, a place both the designers call home. This powerful collaboration sees the design duo take their signature style and love of country to an entirely new level with Smeg’s iconic FAB28 retro refrigerator as the canvas.

The collection includes 100 one-of-a-kind art fridges, skilfully hand-painted by renowned Sicilian artists, specially commissioned by Dolce and Gabbana themselves. Each visually spectacular piece is adorned in the ornate and colourful style of the traditional Sicilian cartCombining its function with storytelling as a kind of wandering picture book, the Sicilian cart is one of best known and celebrated symbols of the island’s tradition and folklore.

From poetic theatre scenes, medieval knights and boats sailing off into in the Mediterranean sunset to brightly coloured majolica patterns, floral motifs, and enthralling landscapes – every art fridge presents its own an unfolding story.  Each one is embellished in endless hours of intricate detailing with vibrant depictions unique to each artist’s region. Once complete the art piece is then carefully treated with a specialised glazed coating to ensure the continued preservation of the art itself.

United by the strong values and a tradition of “Made in Italy” excellence, alongside a dose of profound creativity, has allowed Smeg and Dolce&Gabbana to skilfully combine eras, different specialties, and sensibilities to create a unique fusion of art and functionality that is truly unforgettable in every way.


“These are really the perfect collector’s pieces,” Stefano Gabbana said in anticipation of their original debut at Salone del Mobile in Milan. “And even though our companies are in different sectors, there are still similarities, like a passion for creativity and innovation, attention to quality and details, and, of course, a love of Italy and Italian-made products.”

Of the 100 exclusive art fridges in the world, only 2 pieces are available in South Africa:

‘Ciccio’ Enamel and oil, 60 x 151 x 68.2cm

This charming rendition, by artist Alice Valenti, pays homage to the Sicilian cart and the humble donkey, a loyal companion of the Sicilian cart driver, usually given human names such as Ciccio, Peppe or Gino. Here the donkey ‘Ciccio’ is beautifully depicted in elaborate ceremonial harnesses and framed in richly decorative elements applied to the Sicilian cart. The side panels and top of the fridge are adorned in a vibrant chromatic explosion of cartwheels and citrus fruits.

‘I PALADINI DI FRANCI’ Enamel and oil, 60 x 151 x 68.2cm

Combining the age-old and complex decorative art of the Sicilian cart, this artwork by artist Tommaso Provenzano is a romantic portrayal of a series of chivalric scenes of the paladins and duelling knights from epic Sicilian battle stories. These intricate depictions are framed with lively geometric painted motifs in a panoply of exquisite Mediterranean blues, reds, greens, and yellows that evoke Sicily’s sun-drenched landscapes.

These 100 exclusive refrigerators are one-of-a-kind collectors’ pieces that combine the epitome of creativity and masterful artisan workmanship to produce genuine works of art, appreciated just as much for their beauty as their value in passing on an extraordinary legacy devoted to keeping the vibrancy of Sicilian heritage alive.