The Perfect Grind

Precision-engineered with 30 grind settings from the finest for an espresso to coarse for filter coffee, and everything in between, you’ll always have the perfect grind for every taste and coffee machine, making brewing up a total breeze.

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Savour the Difference

No matter how you choose to make your coffee, whether it’s Americano filter-style, espresso, French press, or otherwise, grinding your beans just before you brew will make an infinitely better cup.

Choose Your Colour


Coffee Grinder, Cream, 50's Style


Coffee Grinder, Black, 50's Style


Coffee Grinder, Pastel blue, 50's Style


Coffee Grinder, Pastel green, 50's Style


Coffee Grinder, White, 50's Style


Coffee Grinder, Red, 50's Style

Explore Our World of Coffee

Milk Frothers
Create the ultimate barista-worthy coffees, hot chocolate and speciality drinks in the comfort of your home with the Smeg Retro Milk Frother.
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Espresso Coffee Machine

Bring the ultimate Italian coffee experience home with Smeg’s colourful range of barista-style espresso coffee machines.

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Filter Coffee Machine
Smeg's drip filter coffee machine allows you to prepare deliciously aromatic, richly-flavoured coffee to be savoured slowly, the ideal companion for a hard day at work.
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