Digital kitchen scale

Discover the new Smeg kitchen scale, a must-have design accessory for modern kitchens. With precise functions, perfect measurements, and a convenient removable bowl, it’s an essential addition to your kitchen.

Design kitchen scale

The Smeg digital kitchen scale is the perfect accessory for those who value precision, style, and convenience in the kitchen. Its lightweight and refined design, featuring a brushed aluminum panel and a matte-colored surface, makes it a true design object.

The 1.8-liter removable stainless steel bowl not only adds an elegant touch to the scale, but also provides easy cleaning and maintenance, being dishwasher-safe, hygienic, and resistant to odors. The LED display and aluminum buttons complete its modern and sophisticated look, enhancing the warmth and trendiness of any kitchen.

Precision and versatility

With a maximum capacity of 5 kg and a measuring accuracy of 1 gram, the Smeg kitchen scale allows you to weigh any type of ingredient with absolute precision. The tare function lets you reset the bowl's weight, enabling you to weigh multiple ingredients one after the other without having to start from scratch. Additionally, you can select up to 4 measurement units and perform conversions, offering the flexibility needed for any recipe.

Rechargeable battery

Thanks to the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the Smeg digital scale is an excellent solution for those seeking convenience and reliability. The USB charging cable eliminates the need for frequent battery replacements, while the automatic standby mode reduces energy consumption by turning off the scale when not in use. This feature not only extends the battery life but also promotes a more eco-friendly approach in the kitchen.

Digital kitchen scales with matte finishes:


Digital Kitchen Scale - White Matt WW


Digital Kitchen Scale - Emerald Green WW


Digital Kitchen Scale - Black Matt WW